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Dave has worked with many chromium steels, but his favorite is still the 1095 hi-carbon. Proffesional hunters & video production guides agree. Dan Fitzgerald (hunting videos), Bob Folkrod & Dick Kirby of Quaker Boy Game Calls, are all customers of Dave.

Master craftsman, knife designer, knifemaker, Dave Durr started back in 1983, he knew what he was doing. Highly interested in Western American History, he studied the knifemakers of the early years of our country. For instance, Russel of Green River Works used spring steel similar to hi-carbon and 5160 steels used today in factory cutting tools. By 1843 he and New England Knife Works had sent over 50,000 working knives westward on wagon trains in 50 gallon wooden drums for settlers, mountain men, buffalo skinners, and traders. Dave desired to make the same quality they did back then, today. So Dave went to work on his first knife, a replica of the knife made by Mr. Black in Arkansas for James Bowie. After working 2 weeks, off and on, he finished the piece that inspired him to continue in the trade he loved so much. He has worked hard ever since making quality knives for others to enjoy as he does that first Bowie knife, which he still has today. Dave is now focusing his attention and talents on making collector’s and art knives.

Being based in Branson, Missouri, Dave has had some famous musicians and vocalists like Ronnie Prophet, Rodney Dillard and Leroy New, to mention a few, purchase knives from him. Dave has many repeat customers which tells him he must be doing something right!

David is also an accomplished author, writing about the Old West and other periods in early American history. He has published two books, Rocky Mountain Destinies and Purple Rain. Rocky Mountain Destinies was published as a single book, Purple Rain contained both Rocky Mountain Destinies and Hidden Treasures in one volume.

To view a video of David’s hand-built cabin and shop in the Missouri Ozarks, view the video below:.

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