About the Author

About The Author

Hi Folks, I’m David Allan Durr and I welcome you to a little part of my world. My interest in the West started early in life. However, flying became interesting to me also. So much so that I made sure I soloed in a Cherokee 140 on my sixteenth birthday. I loved flying the brand new Pipers but rented a Colt or TriPacer when a Cherokee wasn’t available. I ended up owning an older Ercoupe for a while and loved flying it!

The mountains kept calling me though and I figured out how I could pay my way out there to backpack in to the high country lakes while I was there. My trips took me to The Big Horn Mountains many times. The Wind River Range, the Sawtooth and Bitterroots in Idaho and Montana. I lived in an old Outfitters cabin for three seasons among the tall tamarack and pines next to the Clark Fork River. Those lakes!!! Wow! But, that’s another book… On my trips I would stop at the many historical markers and sites. My interests took me to the mountain man rendezvous sites throughout the Rockies. That’s another book too! Perhaps some day, but for now I had decided to get all the leathers and gear to become a buckskinner and go to rendezvous. I became interested in blacksmithing and bladesmithing and made my first Bowie knife in 1983. I’ve been making knives ever sense. Go to durrknives.com

While living in Montana my many notes and records inspired me to start writing ‘faction’, or fiction with a lot of factual places, and with “characters” that no doubt existed in the real lives of people who actually did live out some of the experiences revealed in this novel…

Some of my book was also partially written near Angel Fire, N.M. while attending an eight day rendezvous there. Some of it was also written while spending time at Mt. Rainier in N.W. Washington state. I hope you enjoy reading Purple Rains as much as those whom have given me their approval already… While at a rendezvous in Fort De Chartres along the Missouri River a town crier asked me where I’d come from. I said, “Mizzoura”, and so became my camp name.

So I Bid You a Hearty Good Day,
Ol’ Mizzoura