Jeff Barnes:
Mr. Durr, Once again you have out done yourself! These 2 knives you have made me are nothing short of breathtaking. I will cherish these for the rest of my life. I can’t thank you enough. They truly are exceptional! I am extremely proud to own them. Thank you once again.


Jim MacKenzie, Virginia:
I picked up the Ox Bow knife today at my local post office. I appreciate the artistry and very high quality craftsmanship that you do. Although we have never met, I feel that there is a part of you in each and every knife that you make. My Ox Bow is no exception. It is truly a piece of art work as well as a fully functional tool that you have created in your work shop. I will cherish it always. I truly admire a man with such talent and dedication. Thanks again and all my best.


R. Mallory, New York:
I Received The OX-BOW Knife Monday.  It Not Only Is A Beautiful Knife but A Work Of Art. I met with my friend, who has a “Last Of The Dogman Knife”, made by Dick Patton that I always admired,We Compared them, and He was Duly Impressed With Your Work.  I want to thank you and I have enclosed another check for a (Mississippi Keeler). I have been reviewing your web site since I recieved The OX-BOW and became enamerd with not only that Knife, but the History behind it.  I also showed The OX-BOW Knife to my Dad (Age 95)  He too was impressed. Thank you once again.


Ted Smith:
It’s great to finally figure out who created one of most favorite knives in my collection!
I have an knife my dad bought me when I was young with a 1943 Mercury Dime in the butt of the antler. It’s about 8 inches long and looks to be made out of an old file. I’ve always thought that he bought it for me in or around Silver Dollar City after picking me up from summer camp but I could be getting memories mixed up. Not certain on exactly where but definitely in the Branson area. While admiring a few of my favorites knives in my collection, I decided I would research this one with D A DURR arched over 1991 right above the guard. This knife basically started my collection and it’s great to see other examples of your master craftsmanship. Thank you, sir!


Terry Hanson:
I received my absolutely gorgeous knife yesterday. It was worth the wait. I found your website by googling ” Last of the DogMan Knife “. It came down to Two sites, I like how the way you put your mark on the knife. I definitely chose the right site. IT IS OUTSTANDING……. I have two boys, so sometime in the future I may have to purchase another.


Mark Hautt, North Liberty, Iowa:
My knife worked great this year. Dave, I can’t say enough about this knife. Last year I had surgery on both hands and the larger handle allowed me to dress six deer this year. Thanks, again. I love this knife! ๐Ÿ™‚


Jeff Norton, Pottsborough, Tennessee:
Mr Durr, just recieved the knife. And may I say that’s the best craftmanship I’ve seen for a custom knife. I’d never thought it would be so big. We’ll put it through the passes this weekend. Thanks again.


Randy Wiley, Forsyth, Missouri:
After receiving my new Durr Damascus steel Oxbow, you have converted a die hard “gun guy” to a “knife guy”. The knife is, as others have said, a work of art, but one that begs to be used and I could not be happier with it. It will forever be a cherished keepsake for me, and one day for one of my lucky kids.


John Peterson, Decatur, Texas
Hi David, I got the Ox Bow knife today and I do not have the words to express my appreciation of you for your talent; your gift in knife making. This knife is an absolute work of art. It is absolutely perfect and the most beautiful knife I have ever seen. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Kevin M.:
Dear Mr. Durr, Thank you so much for my Oxbow knife. I had fell in love with this knife in the early 90’s when I watched the Last of the Dogmen movie. I was a very young man with a brand new baby daughter so needless to say if I even knew who made it I’m sure I could not afford one for myself. Well my daughter is now 18 and with the help of the internet I finally have my very own “Lewis Gates” knife. I just want to personally thank you for making such a beautiful knife. It will be on my side for all of my fishing and hunting trips. It will be cherished by me until it is passed down to the next lucky family member. Take care, Kevin M.


Brandi Brewer:
Stephen opened his Oxbow Knife this week, and he could not have been happier. The quality of the knife is incredible, and I believe you made his year. The note will be kept with the knife; a very nice touch. You obviously care deeply about the quality of workmanship, and you have a true talent.

Thank you so very much for your kindness. Happy New Year to you!


Kevin Helmer:
I’m in Branson this week up from Texas. We met my in-laws from PA for a week together. I went to the Western store on main in downtown Branson and came across your custom knives. I fell in love with the bowie with the “greenish” mule deer handle. Had to have it. I love the rustic and unique look of the piece. Being left-handed, the small bit of antler on the right of the grip makes a great thumb support. Thanks for giving me a unique and useful memory of my trip to Branson.


J.R., MidWest:
I just wanted to let you know that I received the knife. WOW, it is awesome! I think you did a great job. I am anxious to put it to work. I will be going Wild Boar hunting next month down in Florida and will send you pictures and let you know how the hunt goes. I went last month and got a good size Boar.

Thanks again for making such a great knife. I love how it feels in my hand. We have definitely formed a good relationship and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Once again, great job and thanks!


Jeff, MidWest:
I absolutely love my Oxbow knife. I’ve received a ton of compliments on it.


Dick K., New York:
Dave, this is what a hunting knife is suppoed to be. Thanks so much for the time you put into making it. I will tell everyone about you!


Bob F., East Coast, USA, June 2006:
Just got the newest knife and like the others it is of superior quality. Everyone in the club has been eyeing it. I expect that your going to be getting alot of calls.


Rick, Oklahoma, USA 2006:
Great Quality knife, even better the I thought it could be! Thanks so much!


Y.H., Missouri, USA 2006:
The perfect example of a top quality handmade knife. Kudos to DA Durr PERFECTION! After one use, I am glad to say I will purchase many more. This knife is AWESOME!


R.K., Missouri, USA 2006:
The Win-Chester and the Humpback are awsome! I can never say enough about them. The feel of these knive is nothing less than amazing. No store bought knife will ever feel like the kives you make.


Mark, Oregon, USA 2006:
The Oregon Trail Bowie is beyond words. I love this knife. The pictures on your site are great but don’t do this knife justice! I love it!


T.J., Canada, 2005:
Just recived the Missouri Bowie and I had to write you. I knew it was a beautyful knife but WOW this is great. I don’t know how you do it but keep doing it and I will buy many more.


D.D., Australia, 2004:
Greetings. The Outback knife came just as you promised, but I have to say that it is of far greater quality than I could have expected. I have used it cutting rope and the like and it holds an edge. This is a knife that I can work with and I was expecting just a shelf setter.


J.T., Washington, USA 2005:
The Montana Bowie is just huge! I am a fire fighter and I stand 6’6″ and this knife fits me well. Every other knife I bought was too small. Not so with this behemoth, and it looks great. Thanks again!

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