Historical Reenactments

Durr Knives has a following among many groups of reenactors not only because of the quality of the knives, but also for David’s ability to produce period accuracy in his knives. Period styles, materials and finishes are used to produce a knife that best suits the individual reenactor’s specific requirements. It’s also important that they know that their knife is made one at a time, by one person, from start to finish, out of American materials.

Civil War Reenactments Durr Knives has a following among Civil War reenactors that want a knife typical of those carried by soldiers from both sides of the war.

Cowboy Action Shooters Cowboy Action Shooters have needs similar to those of Civil War reenactors but often want a “one of a kind” knife typical of a post-Civil War time period. Since Cowboy Action Shooters usually develop a more detailed persona than Civil War reenactors, their needs are often quite different.

Rendezvous For years, David attended many of the rendezvous scattered around the country displaying and selling knives typical of the fur trade era. Reenactors representing the early mountain men from all over the country have counted on the quality and period accuracy of a Durr knife for many years.


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