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Purple Rains    
by David Allan Durr    

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New thoughts of adventure were on the minds of many in early American history. Purple Rains captivates the ideals of readers today, who have longed for just that, in their own lives.

You'll be drawn in by the charactors as you experience travels taking them through timely situations of discovery, excitement and entertaining events.

You will feel their emotions, enjoy humerous moments, as well as some unsuspected romance. Heart-racing incidents are not the norm, but life's unforseen occurances may await their lot in life along the way. Please come along to enjoy the adventure and become part of their lives to taste the reality of time as it was back in the day.

Purple Rains contains both books, Rocky Mountain Destinies and Hidden Treasures, into one exciting volume.

The time period covered is 1829 through 1843.

341 pages

Hard copies sold out and not available at this time. You can download a free copy for 30 days from Amazon ebooks by searching Hidden Treasures 1842 by David Allan Durr

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