Hautt Trophy Hunter


The Hautt Trophy Hunter. The spine is 3/16″. The blade is 4-1/2″ long by 1 1/8″ deep. O. A. length is 8″. This knife has walnut diamond wood scales with 9 – 1/8th” brass pins & a brass hollow lanyard tube & a 1/4″ thick brass guard. The handle material polishes up Amazingly Beautiful!! The Hautt Trophy Hunter is a numbered series knife. 1095 Hi-Carbon steel; heat treatment RC is approximately 52-54. That makes it a good working knife, but also a collectors piece, as each and every series knife I make is numbered and registered on the date it is finished. Anyone can contact me at any time and find out the date their specific series knife was finished! This adds even more value to all of my numbered series knives!


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