Whitetail Hunter


The White Tail Hunter. 1/8″ x 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ blade. O/A length approx. 9″. This knife was hard to keep in stock in the early days. I figure after making 2500+ of this design, hundreds are being used in deer camps annually all over the country.  ‘Team Fitzgerald’ and friends have carried this one and other styles I’ve designed just for them.  Many guides and outfitters alike are using this very knife for –  Field dressing – Skinning – Caping, and – Boning the meat.  When Deer or Turkey Hunters stopped at my shop in Branson, I could usually tell if they were avid hunters because this knife is the first one they’d pick up. Although not a numbered series knife, there could be upward of 3000 of them out there in use.  The demand for them was, at the time, more than any other knife I was making.  I was also urged by friends to put this one back out there as an available one to order, so here it is…

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